Foraging and Herbalism

Sat 28th May 2022

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In this workshop, Joni will guide you on a gentle and mindful walk through Queens Park to identify the native and abundant plants that grow here. The walk will be accessible to most as we will walk slowly over a short distance.

Once we have identified the native plants we are going to use, we will gather them in a sustainable way and discuss the variety of uses our ancestors would have had for these plants. Whether it be food, medicine, self-care or craft. We will then use the plants we have gathered to make a simple foodstuff or a herbal remedy. This will depend on what is available and abundant on the day.

We will:

– discuss points to remember when identifying plants
– learn to recognise our most common and abundant plants with new appreciation
– gently forage, in a low impact way
– learn how to use these foraged plants for their herbal properties and our self-care
– understand that we are nature, and we have a deep connection to the natural world

If you can, please bring:

• A cup for tasting tea
• A small glass jar to take your food stuff or herbal remedy away

Joni holds a Certificate in Therapeutic Skills for Outdoor Leaders and applies a therapeutic and person-centred approach to her work. She supports people of all ages and abilities to access the outdoors and develop their understanding of the natural world, through a variety of outdoor sessions, workshops and training opportunities for other practitioners. Joni is passionate about observing and understanding the natural world, as well as bushcraft and traditional living skills. She enjoys bringing groups together to explore and share knowledge in the belief that we all have a right to understand the natural environment to which we belong.

Event Location

Queen's Park Arena,
Queen's Park,
G42 8QR

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Event Times

11:00 - 15:00

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