Yoga for depression and anxiety

Sat 28th May 2022

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Yoga for depression and anxiety with Maureen from Wholehearted Yoga and The Yoga Barn.

Hi I’m Maureen, from Wholehearted Yoga as expected I am a yoga teacher and yoga therapist. I live locally and teach from the Yogabarn in Pollok Park. A beautiful space of healing and happiness ! I am delighted to be part of Set the Seen and will be offering a mindful yoga class to help with anxiety, stress and depression. As anxiety and stress are both expressed in the body and mind , it can be really beneficial to begin healing through movement. My own yoga path has helped me through many stressful situations in life and most recently through breast cancer. My experience has helped me develop compassion, humour and an ability to adapt practice to suit the person, we are all unique and therefore what we need from our healing practice will vary from person to person. The overall aim of the session will be to bring balance and ease back into our bodies and relax our overactive nervous system.

• a Breathing practice to gently encourage slowing the breath as this sends messages of safety to the brain.
• A grounding yoga practice to help manage overwhelm and fear, followed by a flow yoga sequence aimed at

building resilience and finding joy in movement. We cannot be joyful and fearful at the same time.

• We will end the session with some guided relaxation, allowing the body and mind to fully rest.

I hope to see you on the day – and remember it’s your body and your practice, ultimately you are your own best teacher XXX

Event Location

Queen's Park Arena,
Queen's Park,
G42 8QR

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Event Times

14:30 - 15:30

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