The Inhouse CIC Team

inhouse origins/history

2016 –  Inhouse  awarded the QPA tender, by Queen’s Park Arena Ltd, the charity whose board members consist of representatives from the four community council’s that surround the park. The unique nature of the site meant a new approach was needed to operate it.

2017 – Inhouse CIC was established. With our home lives in the local community, Inhouse CIC is committed to building positive relationships with organisations and individuals that have connections to the area and the park.

2017 – 2022 Overseen by the QPA board, Inhouse Event CIC develop the Queens Park Arena venue from 6 day a year programme to 55 days in 2022.

Our Approach to Programming

Queen’s Park Arena is a unique space in a community with a strong sense of self, so our approach to our initial mapping exercise for Queen’s park, we pulled information from local organisations, surveys and lived experience of local people to identify societal challenges facing the diverse communities around the park.

We then grouped these issues into five key themes, and from here we began to develop the programmes.

They were:

  • Environmental
  • Social & Educational
  • Arts & Heritage
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Local Economy Benefit

These 5 categories, alongside our more recent consultations, are still used today when developing the programme. We pride ourselves on the impact we can make on our community by providing inclusive, diverse, and professional events and will always strive to improve each year.

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