Inhouse Event Solutions CIC is a social enterprise based in Glasgow. We are very passionate and committed to developing a diverse and accessible events programme for our local community in Glasgow’s southside.

For this reason we strive to create as many free to access events as possible. This year will host and develop around 55 days of outdoor events, 82% of these days will be free to access.

Unlike many social enterprises and charities,  Inhouse CIC currently does not receive any core funding or recurrent grants from public sources. Any funding we receive comes from individual project applications. We successfully secure 1:8 requests.

This year’s season including planning, licensing, site infrastructure, equipment and staffing is estimated to cost in the region of £200,000. Our organisation currently has around 25% of this target which has been secured through project and covid relief funding.

We try to bridge the gap in funding from personal in-kind contributions, revenue raised from the café bar and cash donations.

We have calculated that if on each visit we received a donation of around  £3-5 this would not only support our current programme but assist in the  development of more free events and sustain more local real living wage jobs for the organisation and staff in the future.

We are aware that not everyone can afford the luxury of paying for events, but we ask those that feel they can help support this programme please donate a small contribution when you come to the site or here on our website. 

This will massively help the team and programme continue to develop and create more great experiences for the future at Queens Park Arena. If you would like to donate to Inhouse Event CIC you can do so on the link below. Regardless, we look forward to seeing you this summer in the park for some well deserved time with friends and loved ones. Thank you for your time and support.

Quotes from 2021 programme consultation based on free events last year

“It was brilliant to see the bandstand finally put to its full use! The arena turned the space into a community resource throughout the summer and it was clearly well loved.”

“Huge well done all the organisers and the staff! It would be an achievement at anytime but to pull it off during a pandemic and a wet summer is a triumph.”

“Soft play was a god send for the lockdown babies. Only time we got to interact with other wee people. I could cry thinking about it. Thanks so much. Staff were all amazing and very helpful.”

“Thank you to QPA and all the brilliant people in the audience for making my first public show since March 2020 everything I could have hoped for.”

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